4 October, 18 October, 1 November, 15 November 2024

Nature inclusive teaching 1

Onboarding in nature inclusive education

Course description

We will onboard you in the world of nature inclusive education in 4 meetings of 3 hours each. In between you will get homework assignments to reflect more on the topic.
In this module you will learn about the value of nature inclusive education, experience nature inclusive teaching methods and reflect on the attitude and worldviews that underlie a shift towards nature inclusive learning. We will use a framework in which cognitive, physical, emotional, existential and action-oriented aspects are addressed. These are explored through experiential (outdoor) exercises, dialogue and literature.
This first module is part of a series that will allow you to deepen your understanding of and ability to apply nature-inclusive methods. Full series:
Module 1: onboarding module on nature inclusive education and worldviews regarding human-nature relations. Consisting of self-study and several moments of exchange and reflection
Module 2: Teaching with nature: exploring and implementing (outdoor) relational teaching methods (2 full days planned for early spring 2025)
Module 3: Care in the classroom: supporting students in social-environmental responsibility and anxiety (2 half days and one full day planned for late spring/early summer 2025)
Module 4: course design module on the translation of the learning from earlier models into course design. These modules have been developed and will be co-taught in collaboration between NatureCollege foundation (Lian Kasper and Louise van der Stok) and TLC (Marca Gresnigt).

Target group

We welcome all WUR education staff who are excited to implement nature inclusive methods in their teaching and/or interaction with students. (Teachers, study advisors, programme committee members)

Learning outcomes

After the successful completion of this module you will be able to:
– Identify important aspects of nature-inclusive education and its potential value for students
– Experience and apply simple nature inclusive (teaching) methods
– Identify and reflect on your own current values and worldview in terms of human-nature relations and how these could be relevant in your teaching
– Formulate a vision of what nature-inclusive education could mean within your own professional context

Module 1 activities

Total time investment: ~24 hours
Contact hours: 4 meetings of 3 hours each

In the first meeting we will get to know each other and learn more about the why and what of nature inclusive education using 5 domains of nature inclusive learning. We will share inspiring examples of nature-inclusive methods from existing courses, and you will evaluate your own course on (your wish for) nature inclusiveness.
In the second meeting we will experience the effect of seeing the human-nature relationship through different lenses. Using a worldview-test, we will engage in dialogue about values and worldviews and zoom in on what this means for your education.
In the third meeting we will experience easy to implement outdoor, embodied methods for nature-inclusive teaching and reflect on their value and potential for learning.
In the fourth meeting we will discuss opportunities to implement nature inclusive methods in your own teaching context, and reflect on potential challenges and how to go about them.


– Arjen E. J. Wals, Aaron Benavot (2017) Can we meet the sustainability challenges? The role of education and lifelong learning, European Journal of Education 52.4: 404-413.
– Marcus Morse & Bob Jickling & John Quay (2018) Rethinking relationships through education: wild pedagogies in practice. Journal of Outdoor and Environmental Education 21: 241-254
– Matthijs G.C. Schouten (2005) Spiegel van de Natuur, KNNV UItgeverij, Utrecht.
– Worldview Journeys, Annick de Witt:  www.wordviewjourneys.nl
Startnotitie Natuurinclusief Onderwijs

Practical information

Course schedule

4 October, 18 October, 1 November, 15 November 2024
Start time 09:30
End time 12:30
Location In or near Wageningen
Coordinator Marca Gresnigt
registrations app/max 12 / 18

To be announced
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13:30 / 16:30 In or near Wageningen


Participation is free for Wageningen University & Research staff involved in teaching in a Wageningen University Degree programme.


We consider registration as final. When cancelled within three weeks before the course activities start, your chair group will be charged all costs of your subscription (€350,-).
If there are less than 6 participants in the course, the Teaching and Learning Centre may cancel the course and notify you at the latest 2 weeks before the start of the course.