When the day breaks, the sun shines within me. When clouds rise, the rain falls within me. When the wind blows, it breathes within me. Stretched out in the grass. We are nature. We are each other. 

_Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld 
Learning in relationship 

We live in nature. With nature. Through nature.


Nature doesn’t ask for recognition. Nature is within us.
Air, water, fire and earth are within us.
Through nature IT lives within us. IT is the essence. IT is quiet.


Important matters scream for our attention.
Nature doesn’t scream. And sinks into oblivion.
Nature within us becomes an alien.


We look at her, but don’t see her.
We are with her, but don’t experience her.
Surrounded by her we don’t know what to do.
In the midst of ALL we feel nothing.
We feel lonely. Tired. Furious sometimes.


Restore the contact.


Close your eyes, open your heart.
Listen to the grass.
Breathe a tree.
Eat the storm.
Experience the roots that nourish you and connect you to beauty.

We are Nature

Statement World Summit Johannesburg conferentie 2008

When the starfish wash ashore by the hundreds, hooked to each other in pairs with their points curled inwards, as truthful lovers who want to die together, we have to listen to what they tell us:
our reason to be on Earth cannot be to destroy the pulsing life-force, the light that connects all life. Let us remember that we are part of it all. It is up to each of us to find the courage to open up and feel and receive all that beauty, that strength, that wisdom.


Let us not forget:
We are part of the starfish
The sound of the bird is the song in our heart.
And the biologists know:
We are made out of the same texture as the stars
All elements in our body are present in the universe
Our breath, the air, the winds, are in essence one.
For our segmentary structure we thank the worm
The bone of the fish is our backbone
The calcium of our bones originates in the limestone
Our eye mirrors that of the octopus
The rhythm of our heart comes from the insects
For our lungs we thank the amphibians
For our skin the reptiles
For the warmth of our bodies we thank our feathered friends. And so, as we are part of all life, let us consider our place within the web of life.
Let us have the humility to open up to the kinship with all life. Let us make space for the natural in ourselves, as for the animals and trees, the water and the earth herself. Respect for the unique wisdom and power within each life form.


A lot has been done to protect nature. Science is developing new ways to deal with pollution. The next step is to be mindful that we are part of All Life. That implicates that, as part of nature, we also should take care of ourselves. Clearing out our fears and angers. It will make a difference for how we think and approach others, included all life around us. Our anger will radiate quite a different energy than our love and awareness does. The pollution we hold in our minds and our bodies is as devastating to our surroundings as is the pollution we continue to create outside ourselves. As long as we keep ourselves separated from nature in mind and body, we will keep on polluting. Each step we make is a matter of choice. It is our responsibility. Every person’s thoughts and actions count. The clarity of every drop of water, determines the quality of the ocean.


Giving ourselves that clarity, we create space for the love story of the starfish.
H.R.H. Irene van Lippe-Biesterfeld, Princess of the Netherlands – Founder President NatureCollege
H.E. Mr. Nelson Mandela
H.R.H. Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands
Mansukh Patel – co-Founder Life Foundation
Savitri MacCuish – Director Life Foundation International
Rupert Sheldrake – Ph.D. biologist and author
Gerald Jampolsky
Diana Cincironi
Gareth Patterson – author, environmentalist
Chris James – Sounds Wonderful
Masaru Emoto – expert water crystal photography
Herman van Veen – performer
Hans Andeweg – (MSc) biologist/Director Center for ECOtherapy
Herman Wijffels – vice president Lippe-Biesterfeld NatureCollege
Paul Fentener van Vlissingen
Caroline Tisdall
Fred Matser – Founder President Fred Foundation
Marko Pogacnik – artist, author
Dadi Janki – Add. Admin. Head Brahma Kumaris, World Spiritual University
Sister Jayanti Kripalani – Director Brahma Kumaris, Inernat. Cood. office
Robert Swan – One Step Beyond Expeditions Ltd. UNESCO Embassador
Elley Pradervand – Founder/Executive Director Women’s World Summit Foundation WWSF
Jan Pronk – Special Envoy of the UN for the WSSD
Laurens Jan Brinkhorst – former Minister of Agriculture, Nature and Fisheries.
Denise Linn – author, Denise Linn seminars.
Irene Dankelman – co-Chair Netherlands Platform Johannesburg 2002
Matthijs Schouten
James Wolfensohn – President World Bank
Rigoberta Menchu 
Jane Goodall 
Credo Mutwa 
Mr. Arne Naess 
Joan Ocean 
Patricia Mische 
Peter Seligmann 
Micheal Roads 
H.M. Queen Sophia of Spain
H.M. Queen Sonja of Norway
H.H. the Dalai Lama