August 22nd till August 25th

Active Hope training

This work aims to reignite a thriving connection to life in ourselves, with others and the more-than-human world by fully experiencing the beauty and wonder of nature but also fully acknowledging feelings of loss and decay. In this training we offer various nature- and community based practices that can support you in your personal and professional life to activate hope wherever you go.
The Active Hope training is a 4-day intensive experience in which we explore our relationship to the living world as a foundation for sustainability. We use many practices from The Work That Reconnects, developed by Buddhist scholar, eco-philosopher and activist Joanna Macy.

About Active Hope

Active Hope is a term that was coined Joanna Macy, a 91-year-old environmentalist, philosopher and Buddhist. Since the 1970s, she has been involved in environmental and social movements worldwide. During this period, she witnessed how ongoing loss and decay of planetary systems caused feelings of despair among her colleague’s and other people. She saw how the struggle of fighting for the good of the earth and her life often resulted in burn-out and depression. From her experience as a Buddhist, she developed the Work that Reconnects to help people cope with loss and stay connected with a sense of aliveness.
Joanny Macy’s work builds on insights from a variety of philosophical, psychological and spiritual sources, including systems thinking, deep ecology and Buddhism. At the heart of her work is the spiral. The search for a relationship to the world begins with gratitude. A deeply felt gratitude provides a foundation for knowing and even honoring pain. Pain is an expression of love and connection; by honoring it, the very connection is honored. From this step, the space often arises to see with new eyes and look forward to new possibilities.
Joanna Macy developed a variety of work forms that can be practiced in groups to go through these steps. Attention is always paid to the steps in the spiral that together complete the process. Working in a group makes the process alive, dynamic and connecting. Sharing feelings of loss, despair, gratitude and wonderment is essential in finding connection, community and empowerment. 
During this weekend we use a variety of Joanna Macy’s methods, and in addition build on other traditions and methods to connect elements of inner work, community building and nature connection.

Practical information

The training includes 4 full days of workshops and home-cooked organic meals. We stay at the edge of the forest close to Wageningen in relatively sober conditions, camping out in nature.
There are categories of pricing to support young people, students and less advantaged income groups. For every person that pays the support price, a discount place can be offered to somebody else. We encourage those with a good income or those who can administer this training professionally to go for the support price. In that case we will send you an invoice for your administration. We are thankful to make this experience possible for everyone.
Support price: € 877,25
Regular price: € 635,25
Reduced price: €453,75
Prices include tax.
Your registration will be complete once your payment has been received. If you want to register for a reduced price, please inform us first. These spots depend on the availability of support payments. We encourage you to also look for support in your personal environment to make participation possible. 
If you have any  questions please contact [email protected]
The training is open for all nationalities and will be hosted in English (unless all participants turn out to be Dutch speakers).