TEDxHaarlem 2018

Talitha Muusse is een van de sprekers bij TEDxHaarlem  met als thema “Why we need young leaders for our next moonshot”.

Brain research shows: when passing the age of 40, the brain limits itself to adopt new habits and learn new skills. The younger brain on the other hand, is full of creativity and new ideas. Now which of the two brains are currently in charge when it comes to politics, companies or schools? Talitha Muusse: “I plea for a different organizational model which is not based on hierarchy according to age and experience. When you are young you process information better and you make decisions quicker. The older brain is better in recognizing people’s emotions and an older person can express himself better thanks to a more extensive vocabulary. That’s why an older person is more suitable for coaching. The younger person should be working next to the more experienced colleague. Mix generations in your boardroom! About the speaker: Talitha Muusse is the only person in the Netherlands younger than 30 who has a seat in the board of a large organization and is set to break the glass ceiling for young people who have the energy and the ideas to make change happen, but lack the position to do so. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.

Bekijk hier het filmpje TEDxHaarlem Talitha Muusse 3-1-2018