12 september 2017 Zairah Khan

Lees hier het artikel : People, Planet and Profit have about as much in common as a ball and a crocodile

People Planet Profit, or triple bottom line was a catchphrase first coined in the 90´s by guy named John Elkinson. He was a consultant for SustainAbility and has probably done very well in making a profit for himself, because since then this idea has become a gospel in business, government and NGO’s alike. The first is not surprising, but what I will point out is that NGO’s and governments have no business following PPP logic. And that, in fact, it represents a classic example of collective delusion. Which I will try to elaborate in terms a six year old can understand.
So, I like to play a game with my kids, we take two apparently unrelated objects and then name the differences. Like a crocodile and a ball. A crocodile has teeth, a ball does not. A ball can role, a crocodile doesn’t. Crocodiles can lay eggs, a ball cannot. Etc.
So let’s play that game with PPP.